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"...Cherry has connected me with my past in a way that has allowed me to heal the damage and take possession of my future. As with all great healing the influence of her work has had a ripple effect of our family. The healing she has given to me is helping me to be available to my daughters and to witness them to heal from the trauma that has affected my family for generations. she has given me freedom..."- RS

"...I have been healing, growing and self- actualising with Cherry for many years now and could continue for a lifetime, not because the work isn't effective but precisely because of how deeply transformative and rewarding it is. If I didn't have anything specific to address I would still want to see to learn from Cherry, world views, wisdom, knowledge, warmth and connectedness is something you don't find in one human, if ever. She has so many different approaches she can bring to her work, which is valuable given the diversity of things I've worked through with her. I don't know where I would be without her but I know for sure that she's freed me to live and even love my truth making me a better person to myself and in relation to others and this earth. What more could I ask? Thank you Cherry!" SH

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