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     Dynamic Transformation

Healing Facilitator 
With over 2 decades of experience working at the deepest and most transformative levels, Cherry Jarrett has helped bring relief and healing to thousands of people in one to one and group work. She helps bring lasting change to challenges, even the most complex, deep and persistent.
Transpersonal healing looks at the issue from multilayered level ensuring transformation happens at systemic and core levels.
We exist and are entangled on many levels, such as mind, body and spirit or family, culture, society.
Lasting change comes from addressing issues holistically.
Expertly weaving together a combination of Energy Alignment, Systemic Constellations (otherwise known as family constellations), Ancestral trauma release, The Emotional Healing Technique and her extensive trauma therapy experience, Cherry helps you uncover, disentangle and release problems in many areas of life.
Whether insight is needed in health and well-being, personal relationships or family patterns, trauma histories or business and career working with Cherry can help bring relief, insight and dynamic transformation in all areas.
Contact Cherry to find out how she may be able to help you or take the leap and book now if you feel 

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